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Archive for August, 2007


What is ARTery?

ARTery is an exhibition organized and presented by the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie to the people of Grande Prairie who will be able to view important elements of the exhibition from inside their cars as they drive on Grande Prairie’s busiest street.

ARTery starts January 4, …


The exhibition comments on the rapid change in visual culture that has been precipitated by the rise of consumer digital photography and individual opportunities for mass communication through the internet. The artist collects the self-portraits of strangers that he finds posted on the website and translates them into the …


The exhibition is composed of 14 small paintings of toys that are at once humourous and disturbing, and literal but impenetrable. Dowad, a devout Buddhist, and a one time mathematician and computer scientist, paints mysterious images of enigmatic toys that offer the viewer insight into his perspective on the complexity …