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Community Events
Art of the Peace: 10th Annual Art Symposium 2013
An annual event that has become a highlight for artists and arts lovers alike, will run from Friday October 18th to Sunday October 20th, 2013 at the Centre for Creative Arts in Grande Prairie, AB. The three day event is full of networking, mind-expanding talks, images, and hands-on work. It’s presenters are all heavily immersed in the visual arts, and no one will walk away without feeling moved at some level. This year's artists are Ritchie Velthuis, David Alexander and Jackie Anderson. Friday meet and greet the artists at a wine and cheese mixer, Saturday there are artist talks and presentations, and Sunday will be hands-on workshops.

Full details can be found at www.artofthepeace.ca

Register Online or call the Centre for Creative Arts at (780) 814 - 6080.

Current Exhibitions
Dean Drever: Everything is going to be okay again soon.
September 28, 2013 - January 2014
A survey show of Dean Drever’s work from 1998 - present
Curated by Robert Enright
By exploring power in various forms, most explicitly, power expressed through violence, Drever makes vulnerable the continuum from individual freedom to social justice. Drever’s sculptures unmask a mythology of dominance to show how the oppressor shares the same disempowered space with the oppressed.
Watch a video with a preview of the exhibition on YouTube.

Unbridled Vision: Euphemia McNaught’s lifelong study of horses throughout the 20th Century

September 28 - January 2014
This exhibition celebrates the anniversary of Euphemia’s 112th birthday and specifically her love of art and the study of horses, which were always her main passions in life. She is considered a true Peace Region artist, as she lived in the region most of her life. The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie honours this matriarch by presenting this exhibition featuring her most beloved passions.

Robert Guest: Winter on the Wapiti
March 22, 2013 - November 15, 2013
Winter on the Wapiti can be seen as Robert Guest’s visual journal, created during a four-year project (1984 – 1989) along the river banks of the Wapiti River, far from urban life.

Thank You for Joining Us

In Conversation: Everything is going to be okay again soon.

On Saturday, September 28th the public joined us for refreshments and to learn about the latest artwork on display. The presentation included artist Dean Drever, guest curator Robert Enright, Michael Klein of MKG127 Gallery and the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie's Executive Director/Curator Robert Steven. The panel discussed the Art Gallery’s newest exhibition for one hour and also took questions from the audience prior to the afternoon opening reception. Thank you to everyone who attended and we hope you enjoyed your time.


The Montrose Cultural Centre opened its doors in June 2009. It is home to the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, the Grande Prairie Public Library and Esquires Coffee House. It is a place for the community to gather in support of the arts and literacy in Grande Prairie.

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