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Olivia Kachman: Artist Statement

Out of the Blue & Into the Red

I really believe that all human beings have an artist within them, if they choose to set that part of their spirit free and follow their creative instincts. I never fully embraced identity of ‘artist’ until the last few years when someone …

Olivia Kachman

Olivia Kachman

Artist Biography

Olivia Kachman was born in Edmonton in 1978 and was raised on a rural acreage southwest of Edmonton where she developed a true appreciation for nature throughout her childhood. Upon completing her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta in 1999, she has traveled

Nicole Bauberger’s 100 Dresses for Grande Prairie

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Bibi Clement: Artist Statement

Each “Angel” sculpture in this exhibit has an extraordinary significance. Not angels in a purely Biblical sense, they represent the kind and wonderful incidents that have transpired throughout my life, and the people who have touched it. As I sculpt each piece, I honour the graces that have enriched my …

Yasuo Terada: Artist Statement

Not afraid to embellish his traditional roots with innovative inspirations, Yasuo Terada sets new boundaries in modern Japanese ceramics with his uninhibited forms, designs and glazes. His work, flowing from abstract to naturalistic, represents a fusion of age-old tradition and contemporary vision.

This balance comes from passion for all three …

About Yasuo Terada

 Yasuo Terada was born in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture in 1948. He graduated from the Sculpture Department of Tama University of Art in Tokyo. He is a fourth generation master potter working in the traditional Oribe style in Seto City, Japan where the history of pottery dates back 1300 years. …

About Bibi Clement

Born in Holland in 1941 to peasant stock, Bibi Clement was never a conformist. She fought against the constraints of a traditional class system to study ballet and mime in Amsterdam throughout her teens. In 1957 she found a mentor in Brigitte Pos-Kray a respected sculptor-potter, and went on to …

What are Artist Trading Cards?

Artist Trading Cards are a popular activity for artists all over the world. These individual, original works of art are the size of a playing card at 2.5″ x 3.5″. Collecting cards is a fun way to own original works of art, and artists find the small scale pieces a …