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ERIC CAMERON: A Conceptual Approach


Curated by Todd Schaber of The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

2.	Exhibition, Eric Cameron: A Conceptual Approach; Artist Eric Cameron “Gregory’s Licorice”

Eric Cameron: A Conceptual Approach. Artist Eric Cameron, “Gregory’s Licorice”

Dare to imagine! Try to conceive of a kind of art that is an exercise in controlled unpredictability. Such is the work of Eric Cameron. His Thick Paintings are produced by laboriously applying coat after coat of gesso to objects that become transformed beyond recognition in the process. As he continues to add more coats, the Thick Paintings continue to be transformed in ways that continue to take him by surprise. Any semblance of resolution is fleeting and impermanent.  It is doubtful if the work can ever truly be said to be “finished”, though inevitably the artist’s work on it will, one day, come to an end.

Cameron’s earlier Process Paintings were produced by applying paint through grids of Sellotape, (an English equivalent to Scotch Tape). Regular checkerboards might be anticipated, but the tape could never be made to run precisely straight, so all the irregularities creep in, creating a more dynamic visual structure. These works reveal some kinship with both Minimalism and Op Art, which were prevalent at the time they were made. Between Process Painting and Thick Paintings, Cameron made some simple videotapes that manipulate the video process in a variety of ways.

Eric Cameron was born and educated in England but has lived most of his life in Canada. Currently, he is a professor of art at the University of Calgary. He has published extensively and his work has been exhibited widely both nationally and internationally.

This Exhibit provides a glimpse into the art Eric Cameron has produced in the course of a long and intriguing career. It includes six of his smaller Thick Paintings, two Process Paintings and a short videotape.