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High Art: Passport to the Peaks

21 Paintings / 2 Sketches / 2 Photographs

Curated by Todd Schaber with the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

Artist Robert Guest and Doctor Keith Darcel are deeply connected to the natural history written all over the Canadian Rockies. Both of these men are avid outdoorsmen and have created a program that has been enticing potential climbers and hikers to experience something they have fallen passionately in love with: encountering nature. The program, entitled Passport to the Peaks, is currently in its eighth year with the number of participants steadily increasing. On each summit is a Cairn Box (emblazoned with Guest’s stylized images) with an embossing Summit Stamp mounted inside, particular to that mountain. This stamp serves as testimony to the participant having achieved the summit and as a souvenir to remind participants of their triumph. Much more importantly, however, this appears to be a journey of self-discovery, in which one may find new personal capabilities that can be implemented in other aspects of their life.

The exhibition, “High Art: Passport to the Peaks” serves as a documentary of the Passport to the Peaks program, which has become a part of Alberta’s history, and in part serves as a tribute to the commitment to community spirit and overall excellence exhibited by Mr. Guest and Dr. Darcel.   Robert Guest, who is renowned for his stylized panorama paintings, has captured each of the 21 vistas incorporated in the passport program. These paintings, along with photographic images of participants climbing the peaks will be included in the exhibit.  “High Art: Passport to the Peaks” cements the relationship between fine art,sport and personal achievement.

"Grande Mountain" by Robert Guest

"Grande Mountain" by Robert Guest