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Without End: Collaborative Drawing/Exploring the Lines That Keep Us Apart

NOTE: 6 of the canvases are 10 feet wide and five feet tall

Curated by Todd Schaber with the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie and Catherine Hamel with the University of Calgary

Without End has two areas of exploration. The first area examines the tools of architectural representation. The second area studies its subject, embodied politics through the experience of marginalized groups and their creative appropriation of space. The final works proposed will remain in flux for as long as possible, revealing their process and by doing so, the artists hope to express
how critical it is to study the evolution and development of an idea or question. In this project, drawing is a tool that has both allowed a diverse group to explore
social issues, and then share that knowledge with a wider audience. This exhibit occupies large canvas spaces, upon which all of the contributing artists have worked in collaboration, developing ideas and questions as a collective.

Without End is the communal work of Calgary artists/architectural graduate students: Kristofer Kelly, Ryan Paliproda, Carmen Hull, Jordan Allen, Kate Anderson, and Katie Pearce. Included will be six large canvases with the largest being 5 feet high by 10 feet wide and three small canvases. Each canvas will be started by the artists and finished by the groups in the receiving venues, allowing the viewers to interactively appropriate space within the exhibit. The canvases will travel unframed and ready to hang like quilts at each venue.

"Economy" from the exhibition Without End

"Economy" from the exhibition Without End

Gender, 2009.  From the exhibit Without End.

Gender, 2009. From the exhibit Without End.