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About Bibi Clement

Born in Holland in 1941 to peasant stock, Bibi Clement was never a conformist. She fought against the constraints of a traditional class system to study ballet and mime in Amsterdam throughout her teens. In 1957 she found a mentor in Brigitte Pos-Kray a respected sculptor-potter, and went on to study sculpture in Paris as well as Japanese watercolour. This inspired a lifelong fascination with the aesthetics of Japanese culture. Her travels took her to Algeria in 1961 where she was first exposed to pottery in its elemental origins – pit fired with sticks and dung.

 Bibi immigrated to Canada in 1970, teaching ballet for many years as well as art and French in schools. In 1979 she became a studio potter – working halfway up a mountain without a road or power for nearly a decade. Informed by nature, Bibi became an expert in woodfiring and challenged herself to create from the materials at hand. It has long been her mandate to create educational opportunities for other ceramists at her Northfork Artist Residency.

 Bibi’s unusual history is manifest in all she does. She creates simple, beautiful work that evokes the balance of the natural world and honours Japanese ceramic tradition.

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