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Bibi Clement: Artist Statement

Each “Angel” sculpture in this exhibit has an extraordinary significance. Not angels in a purely Biblical sense, they represent the kind and wonderful incidents that have transpired throughout my life, and the people who have touched it. As I sculpt each piece, I honour the graces that have enriched my world.

The wings of the angels enfold from the back to suggest not only the magical mode of flight but also a comforting, all-embracing cloak. There is a suggestion of movement in their bodies, a hint of fabric that is enhanced by the layers of ash and/or salt built up during the long hours of the wood firing. To me these layers and nuances are symbolic of my past and present experiences.

As the visitor journeys through the installation they will pass from the “Dark Angels” (signifying the bleak and challenging moments inevitable in life) to the centre where hope and joy are embodied by the colourful “Light Angels”.

My work is deeply informed by the ancient traditions of Japanese ceramicists especially the art and ritual of anagama wood firing. The wood fire process symbolizes rebirth and the continual cycle of life. These pieces come from the earth and become whole through the riches of natural world – wood, fire, ash, air.

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