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The Carlstrom Family Green Space

The Green Space is an interactive gallery and self-directed studio space located on the second level of the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie. Since September 2009, we have dedicated a space in the Art Gallery to the interactive exploration of and response to art.

Visitors of all ages have the opportunity to enjoy responding to the Art Gallery’s current exhibitions and themes through free art activities that are designed to encourage reflection, creativity and inspiration. In the past year there have been over 2,100 visitors to the Green Space and we’re excited to see those numbers grow as more people make the Green Space a regular part of their life and their time at the Montrose Cultural Centre. The art projects in the Green Space feature a variety of skill levels and are created for all age groups to enjoy, including toddlers, children, teenagers and adults.

The Carlstrom Family Green Space


Within the space you’ll see containers of art supplies and workstations to create your projects. Each activity receives a name, instructions and materials. Currently, you’ll see descriptive signs like BUILD, RELATE, KNOT and FEEL for group projects, and MOVE, CONNECT, BALANCE, DRAW, and NEST for individual projects. Visitors are welcome to take their projects home to share with their families or they may submit them for the staff to display in the Green Space for other visitors to enjoy.

Our community art projects focus on supporting exploration and discovery through the use of aesthetically rich and easily accessible materials while engaging simultaneously with various senses (vision, hearing, touch, smell).
AGGP Green Space July 2014

Our community art installations are a group project that invites all visitors to contribute a small piece to the larger sculpture. A collaborative artwork like this allows everyone to participate and for visitors to view it change and grow over time. We often choose installation art for our community projects because it’s a contemporary art form everyone can participate in, similar to collage, mixed-media art and performance art.

At the BUILD workstation, we have provided a variety of colours of plasticine and visitors are welcome to create a sculpture. Artists also have the option to add their artwork to our sculpture park for display.
AGGP Green Space Plasticine Sculpture Park July 2014

The programs and projects found in the Green Space are created by Sabine Schneider, the Art Gallery’s Curator of Learning. Sabine creates the amazing projects you see and works with staff and volunteers to ensure the Green Space is a welcoming and engaging space.

A self-directed space requires all users to take care of the space and be respectful to the other visitors, so that everyone may enjoy their time here and have a pleasant experience. We ask each visitor to tidy the space after each visit. This includes restoring art materials to their designated shelf or bin, resetting moved furniture and placing any garbage into waste bins. Always remember that food and drink are not permitted in the Green Space.

A special note to remember when visiting with children is that the Art Gallery is not responsible for the safety or supervision of children. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised and attended by a parent, guardian or person 14 years or older at all times.

We hope you’re inspired to spend time in the Green Space during your next visit to the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie. Pop in and see what others are making!

Carlstrom Family Green Space