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Nicole Bauberger’s 100 Dresses for Grande Prairie

Nicole Bauberger’s 2007 exhibition, Listening to the Mountain, had paintings of the same mountain painted on 100 different days. In this exhibition, Nicole exhibited 3 small paintings of dresses. People liked them and it inspired her to continue making them and create the 100 Dresses series, which has now been created in 10 cities. That’s 1,000 dresses; Grande Prairie being the 9th city. Her first 100 Dresses was in Whitehorse in March 2007.

Nicole Bauberger thinks of the 100 Dresses project as a kind of landscape painting. She pays attention to the experience of being in a particular place at a particular time, and makes small dress paintings inspired by that experience. She looks to her surroundings and finds what is special, unique or just plain interesting about the city. “This can be a way of painting the landscape” she said. It’s a different level of painting the landscape. One that is less photographic, and more detailed, intimate and based on experience. All 100 dresses are painted in encaustic (en kô stik) which is a type of painting combining melted wax and pigment, and fused to a surface with heat. Objects which are imbedded into the wax are often not archival and may not stand the test of time.

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Photo Credits: Olivia Kachman of Visual Cocktail