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Yasuo Terada: Artist Statement

Not afraid to embellish his traditional roots with innovative inspirations, Yasuo Terada sets new boundaries in modern Japanese ceramics with his uninhibited forms, designs and glazes. His work, flowing from abstract to naturalistic, represents a fusion of age-old tradition and contemporary vision.

This balance comes from passion for all three aspects of pottery – clay, forming and firing. For Terada all three are essential and thus he digs his own clay, mixes his own glazes and builds his own kilns. He is compelled to research clay, and stone and the transformative process of wood firing.

Terada’s other passion – kiln building – is an elaborate task that requires scientific rationality and a profound understanding of the quixotic nature of fire. He is renowned for having built over 50 traditional wood fire kilns in Japan. Terada brought his kiln building expertise to the Peace Country in the late 1990’s and was pivotal in building the Bishogama kiln at the Northfork Artist Residency.

Terada’s interest in raw materials and profound love for Canada’s still unbridled natural environment brings him back annually. The Peace Country has become Terada’s refuge – a place for him to rejuvenate and experiment, to embody the character of a new landscape in his work. The East Wind Blows West collection exemplifies his relationship with the traditions of Japan and the wilds of Canada.