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Past Exhibitions

The Boundary Layer

September 18, 2009 - October 31, 2009

Curated by Catherine Dean

Opening Reception: Friday, September 18, 2009 at 7:00 pm

In its most simplified definition, the boundary layer is the thin plane at the surface of the Earth where land meets sky. Though we may temporarily escape it in skyscrapers and planes, boats and submarines, this is the only space in the vastness of the universe that we naturally inhabit and to which we must always return. Yet it seems that we take this crucial space for granted, mistreat and neglect it, not considering carefully enough what we add to or take from it or paying close enough attention to its care.

The exhibition “The Boundary Layer” is not about the natural aspects of the Earth, but rather the civilization we have constructed for ourselves, its various pasts and possible futures. In the work of Lara Almarcegui, Rosa Barba, Patrick Bernatchez, Chris Marker, Heather & Ivan Morison and T&T, science-fiction strategies, non-linear time and post-apocalyptic themes recur. A parallel look at the possibilities and perceptions of a world long gone is found in “Everyday Nameless Spectacle,” a selection of historical photographs inspired by Chris Marker’s “La Jetée.” Like the time-traveling protagonist of “La Jetée,” time for these artists ebbs and flows, the past, present and future becoming indistinct and interchangeable.

Whether looking at our existing world or imagining another one, these artists draw attention to our built environment and the way we have constructed our lives within it. Concerned with everything being bigger, newer, and more impressive, we sometimes fail to notice the value of what is already here, the small details that we miss, things left to decay or be destroyed that might be worth saving.

 The Boundary Layer has art work exhibited in 3 SEPARATE LOCATIONS:

 1.     On view in front of the historic Grande Prairie High School (previous location of The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie) at 10209 – 99 Street.

          T&T (Tony Romano & Tyler Brett)  Untitled, 2009. Sculpture

2.      10112-102 Avenue in Community Village (previous Salvation Army Thrift Store.)

          ***OPEN to the public:  Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm***

            Lara Almarcegui Ruins in the Netherlands, 2008. 26 framed photographs, guide books

            Rosa Barba  They Shine, 2007. 35 mm film

            Patrick Bernatchez  I Feel Cold Today, 2007. 16 mm film transferred to digital video

            Chris Marker  La Jetee, 1962. 28 min film (screened on October 27)

             Heather & Ivan Morison  Starmaker, 2005. Slide projection transferred to HD digital

 3.      The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie – Teresa Sargent Hall in the Montrose Cultural Centre

                 Everyday Nameless Spectacle: Photographs from the Glenbow Archives, Library & Archives Canada, and the Library of Congress.

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Photo: courtesy Glenbow Archives