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Welcome to Muse!  Muse is designed to capture the visual and written responses from the audiences of our travelling exhibition program.  Muse is for students and venue participants in Northern Alberta to showcase their talents in direct response to the art they view in the TREX (Travelling Exhibition) program.  If you are a participating school, library or venue in Northern Alberta (Region 1), and you enjoy looking at the artwork that arrives in crates to your venue, then you may wish to respond through artwork, poetry, writing or any creative expression.

What can be submitted?
If you do an art project or writing project in your school which is directly related to the exhibit on display, then please submit a digital image (jpeg) or written response to the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie.

Who can submit?
Teachers (on behalf of students), individuals, or anyone who has experienced a TREX exhibition and it has inspired them to create new work can submit their response.  Please include your name, age or grade, school, city or town, title of your piece and the name of the exhibition that inspired you, with your a digital image(s).

Send submissions and questions to email:
Phone: Melanie at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie (780) 357-7485