Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

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100 Dresses Exhibition, Now Online

In November 2008, the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie hosted artist Nicole Bauberger for an artist residency and an exhibition. Nicole’s series called, 100 Dresses has her creating 100 paintings of dresses in 10 days in the city where they will be exhibited.

100 Dresses for Grande Prairie was her 9th 100 Dresses. All 100 dresses were painted in encaustic (en kô stik), a form of painting with melted beeswax and pigment, fused to a surface with heat. The public was invited to watch her brush, layer, and scrape wax to make 100 small paintings of dresses. Nicole was painting on location at the Grande Prairie Regional College in the Pillars area, and all of the paintings were exhibited in the Glass Gallery at GPRC.

In addition to Nicole’s 100 Dresses, she welcomed sixty “Guest Dresses” made by members of the community. All of Nicole Bauberger’s 100 Dresses for Grande Prairie can be seen on the Gallery’s website.

View all 100 Dresses