Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

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ARTery FAQ: Why not paintings?

As you can see from the various images we’ve posted of ARTery, it is made up of eight works of art, seven of them moving and one static, but none of them are the kind of art that many are used to seeing at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie. What advantage did these works have for us in planning this exhibition? There are a few things that made this possible at this time. Although these works are by extremely prominent artists, they don’t require strict light, temperature, and humidity control, not to mention security, in the way that paintings by similarly prominent artists would. And since our exhibition galleries are under construction at the moment, meaning that we can not provide those light, temperature, humidity, and security features, it is a good fit. Also, these works came to us on discs (and even by e-mail), so we didn’t need shipping and receiving or storage space either. Third, unlike paintings, these works can be exhibited in the street where the people who we want to reach out to are. So we will have fantastic painting shows in the near future, but at this time and for this place, ARTery is exactly what the community needed.