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Curator rambling: Grafik Dynamo, part 1

Today’s update on the ongoing exhibition Grafik Dynamo is the first in a series of self-indulgent curator rambles on the exhibitions, programs, and future of the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie by Director/Curator Robert Steven.

Grafik Dynamo is, as far as I know, the first web art project to be exhibited at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie. We did not commission this work, we’re not hosting it on our website, it is not a new work, and you can view it online far more conveniently than you could by visiting the gallery. So the obvious question is why are we showing it? Is it the best work of art on the web? I have no idea. I’m not an expert on web art, and I’m not about to pretend that I am. (By the way, I could say the same thing about my level of expertise in traditional art and comment that the majority of people whom you will come across seeming to be experts on art in general are pretending). As with any work of art, you can get whatever you want out of Grafik Dynamo, and it doesn’t have to have anything in common with my experience, but in the interest of transparency, I’m going to tell you some of the things I think about Grafik Dynamo, so you’ll at least know what we’re doing here.

There will be many more of these posts as we go along, but let’s start with one simple but exciting feature of Grafik Dynamo: It never repeats itself. No two observers will ever have the same experience of it. Although it reproduces images created by others, it can never be accurately reproduced itself. The artist can not predict the viewer’s experience of it. I could go on. All of these add up to mean that Grafik Dynamo is a fantastic metaphor for any traditional work of art that can help us to shake our complacent attitudes. If you aren’t looking at Grafik Dynamo, then you’re missing it, missing something special that you will never again have the opportunity to see, and when you think about how you the observer and the world as the context is always changing, the same is true for everything around you.