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Gallery to be Renamed


The Prairie Art Gallery will be renamed the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie in celebration of its major expansion into the restored 1929 Grande Prairie High School building, set to re-open in phases beginning May 11. The new name and logo were unveiled April 28, 2012 at the 32nd Annual Art Auction to a crowd of over 200 supporters.

“This change is meant to celebrate all of the major changes that we have made recently and to mark the significance of this expansion in the proud history of our organization” said Robert Steven, Executive Director/Curator of the new Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, formerly the Prairie Art Gallery.

The expansion has been almost 10 years in the making, and it will increase the size of the Art Gallery to more than double its previous size. The organization that operates the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie will maintain its legal name, Prairie Gallery Society, that it was incorporated in 1975 with no change.

This is not the first time the Art Gallery has changed its operating name or logo. The Art Gallery opened in 1975 under the name “Prairie Gallery” and in 1993 that was changed to “The Prairie Art Gallery.” The Art Gallery has used at least 5 different logos since 1975 prior to the new one unveiled on Saturday.

The name change will be phased in gradually, and a new web address, will be in place by May 11, when the first exhibition opens in the restored building. Journey 2012 by Jim Stokes and Carmen Haakstad opens May 11 at 7pm.

The new logo design was overseen by a committee of the Board of Directors of the Prairie Gallery Society, who are very grateful to Define Design, Grande Prairie; Teeple Architects, Toronto; Image Design Professionals, Grande Prairie; and the staff and Board of the new Art Gallery of Grande Prairie for their contributions and support.

The new logo is a square containing an A, which stands for Art, the design and placement of which illustrate the roofline of the Montrose Cultural Centre, the landmark downtown complex that houses the new Art Gallery of Grande Prairie and now incorporates the historic 1929 Grande Prairie High School building.

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