Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

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Gallery Visitors Respond

We would like to thank all of the gallery visitors who have participated in our Paper Brick project by sharing their thoughts and feelings about art.  We have over 250 paper bricks on display at the gallery.  We sincerely look forward to more of your insights.

What are people saying?
Posted November 10, 2010

“I might not go to the art gallery daily and I might not paint every week but I know that I live my life in it.”

“Art makes me happy.”

“I used to wonder if I was an artist.  Now I believe we all are.”

“Art is a passion to be cherished.” – Mark Guitard

“Art helps us be more ourselves.”

“Art is what colors the line work that life provides.”

“I’m glad the gallery is here.  I like to see and make art.”

“The gallery lets people share their ideas.”

“I want my niece to grow up knowing that this gallery was built for her to enjoy and be inspired by art.”

“If your goal is to inspire . . . you have attained it.  I am inspired.”

“Ubber excited to see the completed Art Gallery of Grande Prairie!!”

“I like the art gallery because people can come and learn about art.”
– Rachael, age 14

“I was inspired, I have explored and thanks for preserving art!”

What is the Paper Brick Project?

More insights coming soon!