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Letter From Grimshaw

A letter from the Grimshaw Municipal Library inspired by the travelling exhibition Without End: Collaborative Drawing/Exploring the Lines That Keep Us Apart on view at the Grimshaw Municipal Library in Grimshaw, AB in July 2010:

I must admit when I first received the exhibit I thought how am I going to get people in our area to have a good look at these pieces. We used the scavenger hunt provided in order to get our patrons to have closer look at the art. It worked really well, it helped us guide our patrons along, gave them something to look for in the art. We also received help from a very unlikely source.

I had a work experience girl, named Jessa Bendicson, from the high school from January to June working at the library. She was very quiet throughout those months, always doing whatever we asked of her, very pleasant with the patron but never really giving anything of herself. She has been helping me out this summer as well. She was here when we started to put up the display and what a transformation. She was very excited about the exhibit; she talked about each one, giving her opinion on the different aspect of the pieces. She guided us on how to display the work, as well as setting up a sitting area for observers. She showed the staff how to guide and encourage our patrons to have a closer look. She read the booklet, suggested we offer patrons the scavenger hunt and amazingly whenever she was working she would go around with the patrons discussing the work.

This exhibit really brought her out of her shell. We also found out that she is an artist. She brought some of her work in to show us!

We are happy to report that we really enjoyed the exhibit; it was something we had to promote and encourage patrons to take some time to really have a good look, giving us the opportunity to give something new to our community. Patrons thought it was a good idea to have an art display and want to have more.

It is definitely a partnership we want to continue!

Thank you for all your hard work and for providing us with the chance to think outside the box.

Linda Chmilar, Library Manager

Cranes, 2009.  From the exhibit Without End.

Cranes, 2009. From the exhibit Without End.

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