Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

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Tim Heimdal’s Mural at the Gallery

A true renaissance for Heimdal
Josephine Lim – Daily Herald-Tribune staff

It’s been a long three years but local mural painter Tim Heimdal is finally showing a children’s summer interactive display in the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie.

Before the gallery’s snow-load roof collapse in 2007, Heimdal’s work was to be featured, said Lynn LeCorre-Dallaire, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition assistant.

“Because of the collapse, everything got shut down and the whole process got delayed,” she said.

The display is in a smaller space than they wanted, she added, but his piece, C.A.T. Scan, is displayed until Sept. 5.

Images of domestic and wild animals are painted on one side of the mural, while on the other side it simulates a cave which shows the same animals with their skeletons aglow because of a black light placed behind it.

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C.A.T. Scan is featured with the exhibition The Wild Side of Art.