Mapping Out the Permanent Collection

Mapping Out the Permanent Collection

Northern Canada’s wilderness produces some of the most breathtaking and aggressive beauty on the planet. It often demands recognition; with temperatures reaching anywhere from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius, unimaginably vast and uninhabited landscapes, and outrageous skies with gradients you simply wouldn’t find elsewhere in the world.

Landscape art in Canada has often been close to the heart of those with settler influences, especially. The Peace Region was and is home to many artists who celebrate the land in this way. It is our hope that by collecting and locating this wilderness, we can find greater reverence for this space that gives us life spiritually, mentally and physically.

Below you will find a map of artworks in our Permanent Collection that preserve some of the Region’s precious and wild spaces. Click on the artwork image to enlarge, or view the website links for more information on how to visit these sites yourself.

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