What Lies Beyond

Travelling Exhibition (TREX)

What Lies Beyond

February 7, 2021 - March 28, 2021

There are many events and feelings one experiences throughout their life that can lead to contemplations of the spiritual. Messages from ancestors, the way the air is charged at a sacred place, gazing up at the stars, when you are in church for prayer… These humbling moments lead us to ponder life’s mysteries and delve further into life than the material and the immediate.

These 20 artworks are selected from the Alberta Foundation for the Art’s collection and explore what it means to be spiritual. Drawing influence from typical religious iconography, indigenous spirit animals, eastern symbolism, as well as more abstract interpretations, this exhibition encourages the viewer to meditate on what they consider to be spiritual, where their beliefs lie, and what the nature of reality really means.


Curated by:
Danielle Ribar
Associate Curator, Travelling Exhibitions Program NW


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Featured Image: Untitled, 1952 by Annora Brown



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