Carbon features the work of emerging photographer Heather Magusin, whose practice and research are dedicated to understanding the complex and delicate cycles of wildfires, and humanity’s equally complicated and important relationship to fire. Each photograph documents her personal exploration of burn sites in Boreal Forests across Alberta, highlighting lush green new growth, purple fields of Fireweed, and charred wood. Unlike the spectacular panoramic scenes of wildfire seen in news coverage, the photographs in Carbon present an up-close view of the various lifecycles of the forest, showcasing the rejuvenating role fire plays in the natural environment when the ecosystem is balanced. Building from the work of photographers like Ansel Adams, Heather Magusin’s work is deeply connected to ecological goals, and asks questions about our relationship to the environment, as well as our journey to co-exist with fire today and into the future.

Curated by Robin Lynch

Curator/Manager of Travelling Exhibitions Northwest


Feature image: Heather Magusin, Yearning, Digital Photograph, 2021

Artist Biography

Heather Magusin is a photographer and Master of Arts student born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta. She grew up closely with its natural landscapes; languid summers were made of river mud, mosquito bites, Saskatoon berries, and the music of aspen leaves; long, dark winters of biting prairie wind, thigh-deep snow, and northern lights. When she picked up a camera over fifteen years ago, it was this rich clash of the natural and human worlds she sought to capture. Recent projects include a photo essay series on the beautiful and paradoxical landscapes of Lebanon called Lebanon Diaries, and a photo essay on climate change in the Yukon, an excerpt of which is published in Briarpatch Magazine under the title Flux. Currently, her time is spent photographing and researching the contemporary relationship between humans and wildfire in western Canada. She currently lives in Victoria while finishing her Master of Arts at UBC Okanagan and working as a research assistant on the Living with Wildfire project.


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