Make Your Own Museum – Travelling Exhibition (TREX)

Make Your Own Museum – Travelling Exhibition (TREX)

Make Your Own Museum inspired by the Curbside Museum!

Recently featured inside the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie was the Travelling Exhibition (TREX) Curbside Museum by Enza Apa, which had toured around the province with its gold framed micro-museum entitled ‘Good Luck, Bad Luck’.

We invite you to explore what it means to collect and what it means to be a museum. Have a look at the Exhibition Guide to see images of Curbside Museum, read about how museums started as cabinets of curiosities, and get inspiration to create your very own museum at home.


Thank you to KMSC Law for sponsoring Art at Home!

Art at Home Questions

Elementary Level Discussion

  • Discuss a favourite object you own. Why is it a favourite? Explain what you like about it, or story behind it.
  • Do you collect anything? (rocks, wrappers, toy elephants…anything!). What do collect? Can you describe your collection? Do you keep it tucked away in a box, or is it on display? Describe how it looks.
  • Have you ever been to a museum? Which museum? Name one object or experience you remember most about your visit.

Secondary Level Discussion

  • What makes a museum an interesting place to visit?
  • What keeps you interested and attentive while looking at exhibitions? What makes the exhibits boring?
  • Is the Curbside Museum really a museum? Why or why not?
  • Are there some things that just shouldn’t be put on display? What, and why not?
  • Should museums repatriate or give back sacred or culturally important objects to the indigenous groups the object belongs to? Why or why not?

Share With Us

You can share your artwork with us by using the hashtag #ArtatHomeGP. If you’d like us to REPOST your artwork as well, please send us an email at with the image, title and artist’s name attached.

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