About the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is one of the largest Free Admission galleries in Western Canada.  It is one of a number of programmed spaces within the Montrose Cultural Centre and shares communal spaces with the Grande Prairie Public Library and Teresa Sargent Hall. Strict adherence to climate and security controls has earned the Gallery a “Category A” designation by the Movable Cultural Properties Directorate of Canadian Heritage. This designation permits the Gallery to preserve and exhibit artworks to the highest of national standards.


The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie will be a centre of excellence, inspiration, creativity and innovation for the Arts.  We will be a valued cultural partner and vital resource for the public, artists, curators and writers.


Enriching the community through the creation, conservation and sharing of art.



As a non profit organization, the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who set the vision for, and monitor, the Gallery’s finances and operations. They task the Gallery’s Executive Director to operationalize the policies, oversee staff and collaborate with the community.

The Current Board of Directors are:


Art Gallery Overview

  • Chair, Terry Gorgichuk  (chair@aggp.ca)
  • Vice Chair, Andrea Rosenberger-Deleeuw
  • Treasurer, Dawn Sauve
  • Secretary, Leah Paslawski
  • Josh Barrett
  • Ken Sawdon
  • Murray Quinn
  • Vaughn Bend
  • Wendy Bosch

Annual Reports

2022 – 2023 ANNUAL REPORT

2021 – 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

2020 – 2021 Annual Report

2019 – 2020 Annual Report

2018 – 2019 Annual Report

2017 – 2018 Annual Report

2016 – 2017 Annual Report

2015 – 2016 Annual Report

2014 – 2015 Annual Report



  • Jessica Groome, Executive Director / Chief Curator
  • Melanie Jenner, Gallery Administrator
  • Sarah Drydale, Gallery Receptionist
  • Jesi Tibbles, Bookkeeping

Exhibitions and Collections

  • Mohsen Ahi Andy, Associate Curator, Exhibitions and Collections
  • Robert Swanston, Preparator
  • Jamie-Lee Cormier, TREX Manager/Curator


  • Garry Bradley, Curatorial Assistant, Learning



In 1974 a group of concerned citizens began the process of establishing an art gallery in Grande Prairie. By-laws and a constitution were drawn up and submitted to the provincial government.

On June 5, 1975, The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie was established under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta. The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie’s first home was an old chemistry laboratory provided by the Grande Prairie Regional College. Uncertain of how long the space would be available, the Gallery decided to move to a downtown location. The Gallery stayed downtown for a few months before returning to the old chemistry lab. The chemistry lab became the home of the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie until July of 1981.

On July 3, 1981, The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie opened in a new location—a former church called Speke Hall. The Minister of Culture, Mary LeMessurier, cut the ribbon to open the former Speke Hall. The building was transformed from a dull church hall to a well-lit and spacious gallery. The rent of the facility was generously donated back to the Gallery’s operational budget by Top Realty. This move was a stepping stone for The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie. The hard work of many volunteers and the financial support of the private sector proved that the Gallery was here to stay.

From there, the Gallery moved into the Grande Prairie High School, a historic building built in 1929, on February 9, 1985, and remained there for 22 years. On March 19, 2007 almost half of the Gallery collapsed under the heavy snow load on the roof. No one was hurt and no art work was destroyed, but every aspect of the Gallery’s service was affected by the collapse.  From May 2007 to May 2009, the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie was in a temporary location where the staff continued to provide the community with exhibitions and art classes.

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie opened in its current location in the Montrose Cultural Centre in 2009. The collapsed building was restored allowing the Art Gallery to fully open the restored building in 2012, and continue the initial plans of connecting and including the 1929 building to the Montrose Cultural Centre.

In 2010, the Montrose Cultural Centre designed by Teeple Architects Inc won the Prairie Design Award – Award of Excellence.






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