Meet The Artist – Alcohol Ink Process with Wenoa Backer-Kisner

Meet The Artist – Alcohol Ink Process with Wenoa Backer-Kisner

In this video you will learn how to create your own Alcohol Ink Painting at home with local artist, Wenoa Backer-Kisner.
This year three artists from the Independent Studies group were able to be involved in the Independent Studies : Open Studio. This project was set up on the second floor of the Gallery from February 24, 2021 until March 24, 2021. This project gave the students the opportunity to create works in the same space their exhibition would be displayed in. As the gallery was still closed to the public during their Open Studio, we have created these Meet the Artist : Process Videos. These videos will show each artist’s special technique and give an idea on how they produce their artworks.

About the Artist

Wenoa Backer-Kisner

I have been an electrician for 10 years in which I have to abide by a strict code book. Art has allowed me to explore an abstract and intuitive side of life. The alcohol ink process requires moving fluid along the canvas and plexiglass, mixing existing colours or pulling new colours out of a single ink colour. I hope the viewer gets lost in the lines, shapes and depth of colour that manifest.


Meet The Artist : Process Video


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