Moving Forward: The Carl White Exhibition

Moving Forward: The Carl White Exhibition


March 4th, 2021 – May 30th, 2021

Welcome to I Dreamed a Universe! Here you will find a detailed exhibition walkthrough video, resources, and a photo gallery of Carl White’s current exhibition at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie.

This exhibition invites us to contemplate on how we live our lives through the process of making and destroying. Ideas of time, change, and movement can be interpreted within the artworks as White explores what it means to be an artist. The journey itself is the process of continuous change and perhaps what matters most. Just as a snake sheds its skin and starts a new, White leaves previous skin behind, then moves on to create another art piece, and another experience. Resembling the cycle of life in the act of creating and destroying, Carl White views his artistic process as a shared human experience.

This Exhibition was curated by Manar Abu Touk, Curator of Exhibitions & Collections at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie


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Artwork: Carl White, This Moment., inkjet and gold leaf on paper, 2021

Exhibition Walkthrough Video



Carl White was born in Liverpool, England in 1969.He Studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design from 1989-1992 in Calgary, Alberta.

His paintings and drawings have been featured in many solo and group exhibitions across Canada since 1992 and reside in numerous private collections nationally and internationally. White currently lives and works in Calgary, Alberta where he is exceedingly active in the art scene, as well as the community.

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