Vital Patterns – Travelling Exhibition (TREX)

Vital Patterns – Travelling Exhibition (TREX)

In visual art, repeating shapes, colours, and lines can provide balance to a piece. A visual pattern can provide a sense of movement as the shapes and lines unfold, or it can lend a sense of stability. Pattern can also be presented in art through a thematic motif. Many artists use thematic motifs, referencing the same theme or idea multiple times in the same work or body of works, in order to create meaning, narrative, and unity.

The works in the travelling exhibition Vital Patterns include both types of patterns; the pieces all include aesthetic reference to natural forms built on visual repetition, but they also often seek to use these repeating forms symbolically.

This exhibition features artworks from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts(AFA) collection and includes artists Clint Wilson, Doris Freadrich, April Dean, and William Laing.

Thank you to KMSC Law for sponsoring Art at Home!

Questions & Answers


What can you use to make patterns in the snow?

What natural patterns can you find outside and what patterns can you create in your own backyard?

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