A Treaty 8 Exhibition

Land Breaths

A Treaty 8 Exhibition

April 4, 2024 - August 4, 2024

Land Breaths reflects on the signing of Treaty 8 from the perspectives of the Beaver, Dene, Cree and Métis peoples. Each artwork in this group exhibition speaks to how Treaty 8 has shaped the artists’ relationships with the land over time. These connections are deeply rooted in family, history, identity, and the enduring resilience found in joy and cultural survival. Expressed through a variety of mediums such as photography, sculpture, textiles, painting, printmaking, beadwork, and multimedia, the artworks in this exhibition reveal the profound impact of Treaty 8. Each artist brings to light an evolution from the signing of Treaty 8, recognizing historic figures, kinship with the natural world, and acknowledging the trauma caused by broken treaty promises.

Our ancestral languages are born from the sounds and songs of the earth, reflecting the land’s language as it breathes life outward into the world. Each artwork draws inspiration from these “land breaths,” resulting in a creative outpouring stemming from lived experiences within Treaty 8. There is an unwavering commitment to continually acknowledge and honour the land with each breath and every creation.

Treaties are the basis of all relationships. They exist in order to understand and agree on how to work together.

Curated by Jaime Morse


Participating artists:

Adrienne Greyeyes, Dion Smith-Dokkie, Fran Rogers-Chowace, Haley Bassett, Hazel Robinson, Jake Kimble, Jaylenn Tourangeau, Kisakaw Pisim Burnham, Kristy Auger, Michelle Sound, Natesa Medlicott-Kappo, Rhonda Johnson, Shane Soto


Featured Artwork: Adrienne Greyeyes, Miyo pimatisiwin, Linocut print on paper,11″X14”, 2021

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