Another 75 Million – Ashes

Bison Drawings of Adrian Stimson Redux

Another 75 Million – Ashes

March 22, 2013 - September 1, 2013

This group of 15 drawings are both realistic representations and imagined petroglyph styled stories of the great bison saga of North America. The realistic representations come from photos of bison that Adrian has taken over the years, the petroglyph styled drawings come from his research into historical petroglyphs that have been re-imagined, or the creation of contemporary mythologies. These drawings are the replacement for the series that were unfortunately lost at the Slave Lake Library when it succumbed to the forest fire that ravaged the town in May 2011.

As in the original set of 25 drawings, in recreating this series of 15 drawings it is Adrian’s desire to honour the memory of the bison and its resilience. To study and promote its return to the territories it once dominated, and to honour the destiny of the original series of bison drawing that were lost in the Slave Lake fire of 2011. The history of the bison is analogous to his Blackfoot being, and for Adrian, in our time, the bison remain a source of inspiration, imagination, and life.

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