Artworks from the Permanent Collection

How Does a Moose See the World?

Artworks from the Permanent Collection

March 16, 2023 - November 19, 2023

How Does a Moose See the World? exhibition is a selection of paintings, prints, and drawings that explore the theme of animals in art. The pieces are drawn from the gallery’s permanent collection and together present the role, popularity, and significance of animals in artistic expression, with a particular emphasis on Canadian artists. The exhibition highlights the works of artists who endorse and celebrate the lives and beauty of animals, acknowledging their intrinsic value as creatures in their own right rather than classifying and interpreting their existence from the human perspective. Through their artwork and highlighting animal lives, these artists provide us with a window into their perspective and invite us to see the world of animals from their point of view.

The portrayal of animals has been a common theme in art since the earliest days of human civilization. From cave paintings to modern art, animals have been represented in various forms of artistic expression, often reflecting the culture and beliefs of the time. The Canadian artistic tradition has long been influenced by natural landscapes, with animals occupying a significant role in inspiring artists. From celebrating the beauty of animals in landscapes in the works of Euphemia McNaught to monochrome illustration of them in Illingworth Kerr’s prints, the spectrum of works and artists on display demonstrates the enduring popularity of animals in art.

How Does a Moose See the World? exhibition celebrates the artistic legacy of Canadian artists and the inspiring animals that have captured their imagination. As we explore these artworks, we are reminded of the beauty and vulnerability of the natural world, and of the need to protect and preserve the habitats of these stunning creatures.

Curated by Mohsen Ahi Andy

Featured artists: Euphemia McNaught, Illingworth Kerr, Robert Guest, John Snow, James Agrell-Smith, Vicki Hotte, Arthur Peterson, Inez Demuynck, Janet (Kruse) Enfield, Jim White, Holly Crichton, C. Wolfe, Holly Perret.

Featured image: Euphemia McNaught, Moose, Tempera on paper, 1939


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