Kiren Niki Sangra


May 5, 2017 - August 20, 2017

Working on raw wood panels, Kiren Niki Sangra uses watercolour-like washes of acrylic paint to create vibrant portraits over networks of bold graphic line work, with touches of bright colour and small glints of gold leaf.

Anxious for a subject to paint, the artist turned to the people around her for help. They became the subject.

There are special people in a persons life that can always be depended on. These people support us, encourage us, are there when we need them. They are the lifelines we reach for in times of need, they keep us grounded, keep us sane, help us succeed in our endeavours, give us hands to hold and shoulders to cry on. These portraits depict a number of the artists close friends and family members. Each has been there for her in different ways, some small, some huge, but each has made a lasting impression and a positive difference in her life.


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