Rest Stops: Mapping out the Permanent Collection

Group Exhibition

Rest Stops: Mapping out the Permanent Collection

December 9, 2021 - June 19, 2022

Ray Laurin, Euphemia McNaught, Robert Guest, Evy McBryan, Brian Geary, Jean Wagner, Betty Mackay, Inez Demuynck, Laine Dahlen


Northern Canada’s wilderness produces some of the most unique beauty on the planet, with temperatures reaching anywhere from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius, massive windswept landscapes, and blanket skies with gradients rarely found elsewhere. These are markers of home. Known for easy going people, love for the outdoors, and community spirit, the Peace Country’s name is definitive of both its vast scale and its citizens.


Artwork inspired by our unique environment is powerful to many. This region is home to an array of artists who honour the land through its reinvention and preservation – they’ve helped illustrate our unicity since long before the Gallery started collecting artwork.


Rest Stops: Mapping out the Permanent Collection will take visitors on a journey through some of the Peace Region’s precious, inspiring, and restful outdoor spaces. Included in this exhibition is a large-scale map, which connects the artwork to their referenced locations. Through this association we hope to unravel an even greater sense of place and connection to this land and our community as a whole.


This exhibition was curated by

Manar Abo Touk, Curator, Exhibitions & Collections

Katrina Shirley, Curatorial Assistant, Exhibitions & Collections 


Here is the exhibition walkthrough:



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