Sonic Youth

Collective Exhibition

Sonic Youth

November 28, 2019 - March 19, 2020

Youth today are told that, as a generation, that they are too idealistic, too naive and inexperienced to actually understand, “how the world really works.” As the “leaders of tomorrow,” their voices are often left out of discussions that directly impact them. The artists participating in Sonic Youth recognize the ways in which youth voices continue to shape the world we live in. Their work encourages youth to learn about the history of social and political movements and to become more aware of the role they play as informed citizens.

Sonic Youth revisits the central role that youth have historically played in the Avant-garde. A way of life sparked by arts and culture since the turn of the 20th century, the avant-garde continues to be grounded by an ethic that questions the status quo, embracing new ways of seeing the world that hold the potential of positively envisioning the future. Its main objective is to generate strategies that challenge the authority of people in power for the benefit of a just society. The exhibition contains works by artists that are informed by historical concerns of the avant-garde including the need for political protest, educational reform, civil rights activism, feminist discourse, advocacy for LGBTQ+ safe spaces, human rights and inquiry-based learning.

Sonic Youth is more than the advance of an oncoming silent majority, it is the mobilization of a movement that will actively participate in issues that impact us all and help define our future.

This exhibition was curated by Derrick Chang

Exhibiting Artists (click to view their websites):

Emily Promise Allison, Joi T Arcand, Jamey Braden, Cathy Busby, Liz Knox, Anne Drew Potter. Hannah Jickling & Helen Reed, LJ Roberts, Guillermo Trejo, Richard White, ©LEISURE (Susannah Wesley & Meredith Carruthers)


Curator Talk : Sonic Youth

Workshop for KIDS

Workshop for TEENS

Featured Image: Intro to Landscaping: The Debut Sessions by Emily Promise Allison

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