Opening Reception & Artist Performance

Join us Thursday for the opening reception of our latest exhibition, Video Games? Art and Technology.

Opening Reception
Thursday, October 6, 2022
6 pm – 8 pm

Artist Performance:
Guests at the opening reception are invited to view a Virtual Reality (VR) music performance by Jonathan Carroll. In his performance, sounds are captured by the VR headset’s microphone, and a program created by the artist that samples and sequences sounds in visual space that will be projected on the wall of the Gallery.


About Jonathan Carroll:

Jonathan Carroll (he/him) is an expanded reality artist and developer creating games and software. With a foundation in performance art, his practice spans the creation of software for live audience-performer interaction to immersive art experiences for mobile, desktop, and virtual reality headsets.


Learn more about the artists on Instagram at @cooljonnyc @spekwork @catbluemke


This exhibition is sponsored by Next Level VR Arcade and the Sargent Family Foundation.

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