Request for Proposal: Digital Consultant

Request for Proposal: Digital Consultant for the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

April 15, 2022
Issued by: Art Gallery of Grande Prairie (AGGP)
AGGP Representative: Brittany Kelsey, Interim Executive Director


Project Description

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is looking for a digital consultant to assist in auditing, recommending, and training in a digital direction for all aspects of the Gallery’s operations.

Goals from this consultation are:

  • Digital software and training for virtual exhibitions and exhibition design
  • Digital software and training for collections management and website configuration
  • Recommendations on capital related to digital success, including necessary training
  • Recommendations for educational programming related to digital software and training
  • Identification of staff skills and development opportunities related to Gallery digital needs

This request for proposal’s (RFP) objective is to find a digital consultant with experience in the cultural sector, with an emphasis on art, to create a digital strategy that aligns with the Gallery’s mission to enrich the community through the creation, conservation and sharing of art. Expected completion of this strategy is May 30, 2022.



The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is one of the largest Free Admission galleries in Western Canada.  It is one of a number of programmed spaces within the Montrose Cultural Centre and shares communal spaces with the Grande Prairie Public Library and Teresa Sargent Hall. Strict adherence to climate and security controls has earned the Gallery a “Category A” designation by the Movable Cultural Properties Directorate of Canadian Heritage. This designation permits the Gallery to preserve and exhibit artworks to the highest of national standards.

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie will be a centre of excellence, inspiration, creativity, and innovation for the Arts.  We will be a valued cultural partner and vital resource for the public, artists, curators, and writers.

Enriching the community through the creation, conservation and sharing of art.


Proposal Guidelines

Your proposal should follow the following format below:

  • Executive Summary
  • Background information about your business
  • Relevant experience that would help you deliver our project goals
  • Proposed services or deliverables
  • Pricing. Note fixed price for the project with an itemized costing. Please include hours you expect the project to take.
  • References
  • Any terms and conditions for working with you

Submission Deadline
Please submit proposal in PDF format to by April 24, 2022.

The budget for this project is $5000

Selection Criteria
AGGP will evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Responsiveness to the required outlined in this Request for Proposal
  • Relevant experience
  • Quoted cost of the project


RFP and Timelines

AGGP’s timeline for RFP and project as follows:

Request for proposal issuance
April 15, 2022

Deadline for proposal submission
April 24, 2022

Selection of vendor
April 27, 2022

Project work begins
May 2, 2022

Project completion
May 31, 2022

Vendors may propose an alternate timeline with approval from AGGP to be in line with completion of total ‘Digital Shift’ with granting authorities.




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