Peter von Tiesenhausen


December 14, 2012 - February 10, 2013

Through relics, sculpture, ‘painting,’ video, and documentary photography, Peter von Tiesenhausen reveals his voyages in his exhibition Elevations. The exhibition brings together significant artefacts and relics from von Tiesenhausen’s lifelong search for meaning, his lifelong attempt to understand the world and the artist’s place within it. Elevations is a work of research and of definition of place, a journey through space and time, and an attempt to perceive a sense of the essence of that meaning by capturing its residue.

After twenty years of total immersion in his artistic practice, von Tiesenhausen’s journeys today are less epic odysseys than they are explorations of inner space.

In this, von Tiesenhausen’s most ambitious exhibition in more than 10 years, the artist employs over 10,000 pounds of wood, steel, and bronze, along with video and photography to share his explorations with his home region.

About The Artist

Peter von Tiesenhausen resides in Demmitt, Alberta, and is one of northern Alberta’s most prominent contemporary artists. He has exhibited his works around the world and across Canada, and frequently lectures on his work and his remarkable life at universities, colleges, and conferences near and far. His work is held in numerous significant public collections, and several of his public sculptures are on permanent display in cities across Canada.


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