The Printed Song

Mary Parslow

The Printed Song

September 8, 2017 - January 7, 2018

Inspiration for my creativity comes from an emotional response to what I see. The mystery and variety of our land, our river, and the sky seem like a musical key that unlocks creativity when I experience just the right image. The image seems to sing a song with its own rhythm, pattern, and texture which resonates personally. Then the printmaking response begins. Inspiration also comes from investigating what happens when nature and humans come together. What kind of song do they sing? What kind of music do they make?

Sculptural printmaking is a kinesthetic experience and can be meditative and mindful in all its stages. The process of print development includes drawing an image, simplifying the design, transferring the design to a plate, (often a piece of linoleum), cutting out the plate with tools, inking the plate, and pressing the inked plate on to paper, either by hand or in a press. Each part of the process is visceral and exploratory. One never quite knows what the result will be and the revealing of the print at the end is very exciting.

Sculptural printmaking that works well for me usually culminates in a dramatic printed silhouette, rich in design and graphic detail, and full of texture and bold colour. It makes a musical statement in rhythm and pattern, it sings a story, and it holds you in its embrace as you take it in. I hope these pieces will help you listen closely to the music and mystery of our world.

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