Northwestern Polytechnic Independent Student Exhibition

Material Memories

Northwestern Polytechnic Independent Student Exhibition

April 20, 2023 - August 6, 2023

The artwork featured in Material Memories is a showcase of the senior-level students in the Special Projects Courses offered by the Department of Fine Arts at Northwestern Polytechnic. These courses provide students with the unique opportunity to create their own art with guidance from an instructor and access to a private studio space within a shared building. The studio serves as a hub for students to connect with peers, share artistic techniques, and engage in discussions about art and art theory.

The exhibition brings together a diverse range of perspectives as the students in the Special Projects cohort explore various themes and concepts in their work. These include raising awareness about missing and murdered Indigenous Women, body positivity, memories and relationships to place, cultural histories and identities in a contemporary world, and found material investigations. Despite being in close proximity, each student has found their own voice and style, resulting in a true display of diversity. Material Memories serves as a meeting point for these artists as they share what holds significance in their artistic practices.


Esther Hoflick

Chair and Instructor

Department of Fine Arts, Northwestern Polytechnic

Participating Artists:

Natesa Medlicott-Kappo |  Connie Potter | Matthew Stewart |  Aurel Tchoumo Tsafack |  Marcia Tofer


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