Pioneering Portraits

Holly Perret Silver Threads

Permanent Collection

Pioneering Portraits

June 17, 2019 - January 5, 2020

PIONEERING PORTRAITS showcases works that explore the tradition of collecting portraiture that reflects the spirit of this region. The exhibition features work from the Estate of Bert Tieman, James Agrell Smith, Edward Bader, Donna Barrett, James Daubney, Ken HouseGo, Harold Klunder, RFM McInnis, Judi Moscovitch, Holly and Gordon Perret, Walter J. Phillips and Jeanette L. Walker.

The portraits on display are icons. Collectively, they represent the heritage of the people who call the Prairies home. Each of these portraits are symbolic of the contributions and legacy the founding members of our artistic community, forever serving as a reminder of the historical roots of those who came before us. A close look at these portraits honors the lasting impact that their pioneering spirit and dedication to the arts continues to have on future generations.

This exhibition was curated by Derrick Chang

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