Interactive Community Art Exhibition

Weave and Intertwine

Interactive Community Art Exhibition

September 7, 2023 - March 30, 2024

Weave and Intertwine explores the intricate nuances of weaving as an artform as well as a community practice. Integrating hands-on studio-based learning, exhibition and interpretive gallery space, Weave and Intertwine encourages the interactive exploration of the multi-faceted ancient craft of weaving in a vibrant artistic atmosphere.

At its simplest, weaving involves two sets of threads: the warp and weft. These threads are intertwined with each other to form a fabric or cloth. The weft runs horizontally and is interwoven with the stationary, often vertical, warp. Generally, a device called a loom holds the warp under tension so that the weft can go easily over or under them. Its moving parts separate the warp threads so that the weft threads can be sent across the warp in one movement.

Weave and Intertwine invites all community members to share their creativity by adding colours, textures, and patterns to collaborative tapestries for display in an evolving community art exhibition. Enveloped by the exquisitely handwoven cloths from the Saskatoon Lake Weavers, Weave and Intertwine shares a refreshing blend of traditional textiles woven by experienced Weavers and contemporary tapestries co-created by new Weavers.

Thank you to all contributing artists for sharing their creativity and inspiration.             

Curated by Sabine Schneider


What is community art?

Community art is any art form that focuses on involving community members through the process of art making. Community art often emphasizes the process of art making rather than the artistic result. It is an art form everyone can participate in, which is why often easily accessible media like collage and mixed-media are chosen. The strength of community art is that everyone is invited to share their unique voice and creativity to then be experienced by all. Setting aside the notion of appraising art for its commercial value or artistic skill, community art embraces the process of artists connecting with other artists through their art. The purpose is for all individual contributions to culminate in a large artistic composition recognizing that everyone is an artist and an important part of the whole.


Weave and Intertwine 

3D Interactive Online Exhibition Interactive Self-Guided Tour

Weave and Intertwine online virtual exhibition is presented exactly as it is in real-life. Each item in the exhibition is interactive, allowing didactic, captions and additional information to be displayed at the click of a mouse button.


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