Parker Thiessen


March 7, 2019 - June 13, 2019

Mercury is the first solo-exhibition of works by filmmaker, sound artist, musician and graphic designer Parker Thiessen. Originally from Beaverlodge, Alberta he incorporates the use of non-verbal audio soundscapes and visual stimulus that riff off the temperamental tendencies of Mercury, one of seven planetary metals. Mercury is a slippery substance known for its unstable chemical composition, its qualities are often associated with alchemy and the mythology of planetary phases. Presenting printed posters, analog audio recordings and immersive video installations, Thiessen uses mercurial acts to explore the sensory world and the breakdown of communication through the altering of signals in a technologically saturated media landscape.

Explore and discover sound art with a guided tour from acclaimed sound artist and Recording Studio Manager, Dr. Shawn Pinchbeck! Click the link below for more details.

Curated by:

Derrick Chang

Curator, Exhibitions & Collections

Guided Tour of ‘Mercury’ with Dr. Shawn Pinchbeck


About The Artist

Parker Thiessen

Parker Thiessen is a filmmaker, sound artist/musician and designer originally from Beaverlodge, Alberta, with an interest in collaboration, experimentation and DIY. Through his work, Thiessen has explored and propelled the growth of the experimental music scene in Edmonton, initiating the Ramshackle Day Parade noise collective and label, co-founding Pseudo Laboratories cassette label, and performing in Zebra Pulse, Private Investigators, and solo. His film work includes experimental shorts, live projections, music videos and video glitch experimentation.

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