Maskull Lasserre – Artist Talk

Join internationally recognized artist Maskull Lasserre for a tour through the exhibition Immovable Objects, Unstoppable Force on display at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 13th at 11am

This event is free and open to the public.


Immovable Objects, Unstoppable Force shows a powerful contrast between delicate objects and images paired with massive, solid sculptures. One of the sculptures depicts the force of a small bird pushing through a heavy vault door!

Maskull Lasserre often blurs the lines between gallery space, artist’s tools, and the artwork itself. His tools often become part of the sculptures themselves. This need to display the tools used in his artistic process informs the ideas that lie beneath the surface of the work. By blurring the usual lines between the creation of the artwork and everything else, we gain a unique insight to the infinite number of possible meanings behind the work displayed.

Lasserre believes that there is modesty and humility in carving and this is reflected in his work which is fully open to our interpretation. His intention is to make art more accessible to the everyday person by leaving it open to deeper intellectual meaning.


Posted January 5, 2018 in Art, News