COMING SOON – THE CURVE : Community Art Installation

JUNE 9th – SEPTEMBER 28th, 2020

Attention all Peace Country residents!  You can contribute your creative responses to the COVID-19 global health crisis in this special art exhibition, The Curve.

The Curve is a multi-disciplinary community art installation, exhibited through the summer of 2020 at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie. It will honour those in the Peace Region who passed, who served, and who lived through the largest public health pandemic in generations.

Share your voice and your experience over this unprecedented time in this unique community art exhibition.

There is no deadline for submission and no age restriction.  The Curve will continue to grow and evolve each week as more pieces are contributed to the overall exhibition.


Visit THE CURVE : Community Art Installation exhibition page to see full submission guidelines.

What is community art?

Community art is any art form that focuses on involving community members through the process of art making. Community art often emphasizes the process of art making rather than the artistic result. It is an art form everyone can participate in, which is why often easily accessible mediums like collage and mixed-media are chosen. The strength of community art is that everyone is invited to share their unique voice and creativity to then be experienced by all. Setting aside the notion of appraising art for its commercial value or artistic skill, community art embraces the process of artists connecting with other artists through their art. The purpose is for all individual contributions to culminate in a large artistic composition recognizing that everyone is an artist and an important part of the whole.




Posted May 5, 2020 in Art, News