Free Artist Talk January 19th – Nahanni McKay

Photographer Nahanni McKay uses her art to advocate for wildlife preservation. Her works question the impact of human activities in Canada’s National parks, and anywhere that people may encroach on the natural habitats of wildlife populations. Working in Banff in 2016, McKay was inspired to create her series called “Loop 14” after an incident with a wolf living around a campsite in Banff. Currently, “Loop 14” is being displayed in the exhibition “Habituate, Acclimate,” which is touring with Travelling Exhibitions (TREX) NW this season.

TREX NW has partnered with the Grande Prairie Regional College Fine Arts Department, to bring you a free live talk and Q&A with the accomplished photographer on January 10th, 2022 via Zoom at 11:30 AM Mountain Time. Please email: for access!


Nahanni is a Metis artist and photographer based in Banff, Canada. Born and raised in the Rockies, her creative practice has focused on National Parks in Canada and the human impact on surrounding natural environments. Growing up in Banff National Park,
Nahanni understands the relationship between tourism and wildlife. Her work expresses the need to learn to coexist in order to prevent further harm to the animals.

Nahanni is a photography graduate from Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver BC. She completed her Photography Practicum at the Banff Centre and is currently working full time as an artist creating artwork for galleries and publications internationally, including the 2022 European Cultural Centre alongside the Venice Biennial. She is also the other half to Seven Shirt Company, a small independent screen printing and design shop.

When she’s not dabbling in the arts space, Nahanni is also a professional event and headshot photographer. Her previous gigs include Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival, Alvvays and Shred Kelly.

While you can find Nahanni creating in the studio, you can also find her exploring in the backcountry or enjoying a nice cold brew by the river.
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