Gallery Endows Major Donation

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, in concert with the Sargent Family Foundation, have agreed to terms on endowing the Family’s major gift as a source of support for major projects.

The donation, $1 million, was first made when the Gallery was rebuilt after the roof collapse in 2007. Now, a decade later, the donation has been secured, partially for the Gallery’s future sustainability as cash reserve, but mostly towards the Gallery’s ‘Special Projects Fund.’

Executive Director of the Gallery, Jeff Erbach, elaborates on the impact of the endowment to the community. “The fund for Special Projects, to be spent over generations, directly allows for the Gallery to undertake major exhibitions and public programs. As a free admission museum, access to these funds is critical in enabling us to enrich our community. Really incredible experiences are going to flow from this incredible gesture. We’re so grateful.”

On behalf of the Sargent Family Foundation, Sean Sargent, expresses support for the Gallery’s mission in relation to the aims of the Foundation; “The Foundation looks to make a positive social difference in our community and so we’re proud to partner with the Gallery this way.”

The first project supported by the Sargent Family Foundation will be made public in early Fall.


Image: Sean Sargent (left) and Ken Sargent (right) with artworks from the Gallery’s Permanent Collection created by Teresa Sargent.

Posted August 20, 2021 in News