The silence of repetition – A poetic response to Lyndal Osborne’s exhibition Metaphors For Evolution by Cindy Hansen


Grande Prairie-based visual artist and writer Cindy Hansen offered a poetic response to her visual experience of Lyndal Osborne’s exhibition Metaphors for Evolution during the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie’s opening on September 29, 2017.


View the Full Poem Here:

the silence of repetition by Cindy Hansen – a reflection of Lyndal Osborne’s, Metaphors for Evolution Sept.2017



Cindy Hansen resides in her home town of Grande Prairie, AB. She enjoys working as an Administrative Assistant, camping, photography, spending time with family and friends, and being creative in all aspects of life. Cindy Hansen’s poetry has been selected for the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Anthology of Creative Writing published annually by the Poetry Institute of Canada.

[ Personal Statement: ] “Poetry has always been quite a personal thing for me. I relate it a lot to storytelling and journaling. I like to be very descriptive when I write. My hope is that the reader will be able to fully experience every aspect of what I am writing about. Using each of the five senses is key for me. I think as writers, we all have a very unique style of capturing our audience. Coming from a very artistic background, I enjoy making reference to colors, nature, and the processes of creative hobbies.”

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