‘The Talking Path’ – Upcoming Exhibition

June 17 – October 10, 2021

Rooted in the Oral Tradition of Indigenous cultures of The Peace Region, the artworks in The Talking Path represent collected spoken words and stories handed down for generations. In their integrated, authentic and visual forms, they tell the stories of diverse joint journeys between Indigenous Elders, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Indigenous Youths honouring, respecting, and sharing holistic ways of knowing and well-being in family and community.

Told and retold many times throughout an individual’s life, Oral Stories echo the inheritance of a cultural group. Oral Stories may include songs, prayers, epics, stories, histories, speeches, poems, spiritual messages, sacred teachings as well as experiential and sensory knowledge. Nurturing a sense of belonging and identity, Oral Stories speak to the inter-related, multi-levelled nature of Indigenous cultural and sacred teachings to maintain a spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental balance in everyday life.

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In collaboration with the Traditional Paths Society of Grande Prairie, this exhibition was curated by Sabine Schneider, Curator, Learning.

Posted June 18, 2021 in Art, News