Two Staff Members Shift to New Roles at the Gallery

As part of meeting the challenges of a growing community, the Art Gallery has recently undergone some reorganization to position itself on a path of continued innovation and delivery of high caliber experiences.

The development of a new position level, ‘Curatorial Assistant’, will strengthen our ability to research and present extraordinary experiences from local, regional and even international artists to a wide diversity of community. Jeff Erbach, Executive Director, says that this move is part of an evolution seen over the past 3 years. “We’re seeing record attendance, thousands of people participating in learning activities, and tied to that, both Jamie-Lee and Katrina, our new Curatorial Assistants, exemplify dedication in their work and to the community. So this is a positive change, both for putting more direct support to community expectations and also to further develop the leadership and strengths of these two amazing employees.”

The result of the shift will see Jamie-Lee Cormier take up the position of Curatorial Assistant, Learning, and Katrina Shirley shift to Curatorial Assistant, Exhibitions and Collections.  Jamie-Lee says, “I am very excited to be working with the Curator, Learning on upcoming community projects and the planning of exhibitions. I love the interaction and engagement with the public that this job will bring as I facilitate tours and art camps through the amazing exhibitions here at the Gallery.” For her part, Katrina, who now works directly with exhibitions and the Permanent Collection, says, “I am excited and grateful to continue advancing my career with this highly skilled team of people who I can both learn from, and enjoy the company of. The Gallery has supported my education, career and life as an artist since the beginning, which has made coming to work everyday a joy.”

Posted January 25, 2020 in News