Upcoming Exhibition!

Next week we begin installing Bleeding Borders, a solo show by Toronto-based artist Amin Rehman for its November 25th opening date!

The Bleeding Borders exhibition looks at communities living along the borderlands of Pakistan with India, Iran, and AfghanistanWhile living in political turmoil and experiencing extremism, ethnic violence, poverty and a mixed culture, these communities cross between borders for survival. Through a series of vinyl, neon, video and acrylic mixed media installations, the exhibition tells the stories of real lived experiences, investigates the complexities of cultural globalization, and highlights issues of post-colonial ideologies and capitalism.

Check the exhibition webpage for updates here 

This exhibition was curated by Manar Abo Touk, Curator, Exhibitions & Collections

Featured artwork: Amin Rehman, Haq ul Yaqeen, neon installation, 2021

Posted November 17, 2021 in News